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Funky modes over funky chords: I

This is the first in a series of posts that takes a look at more unusual modes to play over static chords, that give a really funky sound. No one likes a good funky guitar riff more than me. Today we are focusing on the 7#9 chord and the Hungarian Major scale, or Lydian 7#2 mode.

Firstly, I need to clear up a small matter. The Hungarian Major is not a scale, it is mode VI of the Harmonic minor b5 scale. Secondly, Hungarian Major is a really misleading name which is why I have opted for the Lydian 7#2 mode. It's formula is 1 #2 3 #4 5 6 b7. (A comparison to the Hungarian minor 1 2 b3 #4 5 b6 7 shows what I mean. If it had a b6 and a natural 7 then I would leave it as Hungarian Major, but it doesn't.)

Now, it has the #9 and the b7 but the #4 gives it a really lovely sound. If you use a 7#9 chord to jam to sometimes, it adds a real nice dimension, a bit of sophistication, like Oregano in a dish.

I have added the mode in notation below, E Lydian 7#2 over the E7#9 chord.

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