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Funky modes over funky chords II: Dom 7b5

There are 38 modes with seven notes that work well over the Dominant 7b5 chord (1 3 b5 b7) and with the addition of the Whole tone and diminished H/W scales that takes the tally to a whopping 40. I have chosen three that have that really cool sound when played over a static Dominant 7b5 chord.

The first is Lydian Dominant b6#2 (1 #2 3 #4 5 b6 b7). The enharmonic equivalent of a #4 is really tasty when played as a b5 and the #2 gives it a bluesy sound.

Next is Altered bb6 (1 b2 b3 b4 b5 bb6 b7). A slight variation on playing Superlocrian (Melodic mode VII) over a Dom7b5 chord as the bb6 is acting as a natural 5 while the b4 has the Maj 3rd sound.

The final is another Lydian derived mode, Lydian Dom+b2 (1 b2 3 #4 #5 6 b7). Again, the #4 acts as a b5 but with the inclusion of a #5 too. Mixing up the 3 modes adds a bit of spice as well as combining them with more everyday scales. A lick or two in each of these funky modes will definitely spice up your Dominant 7b5 soloing and because the formulae for each of these modes are unusual, even playing just the mode from start to finish sounds cool too.

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