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Introducing the Harmonic Major III: before Harmonic minor

Following on from the last post, the focus this time is on introducing the Harmonic Major into a Major key before the change to Harmonic minor. Essentially, it functions as an alternative way to modulate to the parallel minor key, eg: C Major - C minor. (For another method of modulating to the parallel minor, see my post Melodic truths II.)

In a Major key, the sixth degree is flattened, the Aeolian mode becomes Lydian +#2 (mode VI of Harmonic Major) and the stage is set for the next alteration to Harmonic minor. The Major 3rd of Harmonic Major is flattened to create Harmonic minor and then the resolution is now to the parallel minor. The original Major key does not need to be returned to, but can be if the musician chooses.

See example below:

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