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Say hello to the Enigmatic scale

The Enigmatic scale (1 b2 3 #4 #5 #6 7) is actually mode II of another scale but has gained notoriety for being difficult to use. That is only when the root of the mode is used as the tonic of the key. The mode starting on its 5th degree, Altnat2bb5 (1 2 b3 b4 bb5 b6 b7)has a great sound when played over the V in a V - i cadence. So in C# minor the Dominant is G# so over G#7 play C Enigmatic (C Db E F# G# A# B) or G#Altnat2bb5, depending on how you want to look at it. This gives the Dominant formula of (1 2 #2 3 4 #5 b7) which sounds really nice coupled with Dorian over the minor chord, highlighted by the natural 2 in the Altered mode. If you are used to playing Superlocrian/Altered over a V - i then it could be a welcome addition to your palette.

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