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Using Hungarian minor in a Major key.

I have always found playing in a Major key dull, especially over the V - I. In C Major, G7 - C Major. So then I started playing the Hungarian minor over the V- I and I have since then been rehabilitated back into society.

How does it work? Well, whenever a Dom7 chord resolves to a Major chord, I play the Oriental mode over the Dominant chord and everything sounds good. In case you don't know, the Hungarian minor scale (1 2 b3 #4 5 b6 7) is basically a Harmonic minor with a raised 4th. The mode on the second degree is called Oriental (1 b2 3 4 b5 6 7) and one of its functions is as a dominant mode in a Major key.

I used the Modal Method to work out where the scale fits, in this case F Hungarian minor/G to C Major. See example below: Does anyone else use Hungarian minor over a V - I in a Major key?

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